Map of Samamos

For the first time in the country

  • This map was designed for the first time in the country by the order of Rudsar city governorate and at the suggestion of Guilan province mountaineering board and Rudsar mountaineering board with the guidance and efforts of Dr. Nima Farid Mojtahedi with the cooperation and design of Tersiman company (Mr. Yassini) and Dr. Farid Mojtahedi. The cost of the esteemed sponsors was printed and prepared

Supporters of map design and printing:
Rudsar city governorate
Dr. Farid Nima Mojtahedi
Tarsiman Company (Majid Yassini)
Guilan Province Mountaineering Board
Rudsar Mountaineering Board
Dr. Seyed Emad Rouhani
Masoud Mirzaaghaei
Mountain meteorology
As well as sponsors of map printing:
In memory of Dr. Ali Haddadi (Veteran of Mazandaran and Gilan) by Ebrahim Hasas
Siddiqui Gallery
Samamos mountaineering accessories and equipment
Agile tea
Drink and drink pure tea
FORGOT is the only mountaineering product in Gilan
Mountaineering equipment of Haft Kuh Rasht
Zebran Rudsar Mountaineering Club
Samamos Rahimabad Mountaineering Club

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